Shades of Gray

October 31, 2008

A city. Her city. The city she loved. The city she called home.

The low fog that swept through the city streets was unfamiliar to her. It reminded her of the fog she had seen not but two nights ago in Tirisfal. The same dense cloud. The smell. The chill of the wind. The heavy air. Air so heavy it made breathing difficult.

She remembers… she remembers the day the city fell. The same fog filled the corridors and walkways. The smells, the sounds. The screaming of women, children, brave men as they were slaughtered by countless forces of Arthas. Kam looked back at her beloved city as it buckled under waves of undead. How she cried for days to come. Her mother held her close and rocked her to sleep. She could hear the muffled words of her parents through the thin walls of their cottage. They spoke about where they would go. That they could not stay where they were. The small family would hide. In the hills of the countryside until it was safe.

Those memories seemed so long ago, and in actuality they were. Though, they remained fresh in her mind. And now with Stormwind… it was all too real. Her memories of old coming back to haunt her. The now gray city brought a sorrow to her heart and mind, filling her with a sense of dread. It chilled her to the bone. This was all something she wished to never see, or… see again. The city would not fall. It would not be a victim to the evil will of some demented being. She would not have it. Not again. So, before the Cathedral she made a silent vow to herself. She vowed that this city would not fall as long as she stood strong to fight against the evil that threatened it.

She turned to look out over the Cathedral Square; to the bench where they met, to the bench where he proposed. The fog made it difficult to see. The thick air burning her eyes and throat. Her hand wiped at her eyes, as a tear found its way past her lashes.

She wept. She wept for her city, for her brother and father she lost, for her mother that now suffered with the knowledge that her daughter might not return from Northrend, for her love, her husband who waited for her and also suffered. She cried for all of them, and hoped that she would be enough to make each happy and proud. She would save them all, even if it meant her own life to be sacrificed. They would know peace… they would see light and be lifted from this gray world of war.


Sleepless Nights

October 28, 2008

Kam laid in her bed, in a room she knew well. She could hear the soft snoring of her mother beyond the wall, into the next room. The sound made her smile. Her mother always snored and it would drive her father crazy. How he would tease her about it. The simple thought was enough to cause her to laugh out loud to herself. Smiling, she pulled herself from the bed and moved to the nearby window. Standing there she gazed out to the land below. A small garden with small blooming flowers. Her mother was always so fond of flowers. Kam recalled all the times she had helped her mother at the cottage. The long afternoons of planting, tilling, playing in the moist dirt. Most of the dirt ended up on Kam’s clothing than with the plants. Always getting dirty and into trouble it seemed; just like her brother.

The garden below was enveloped in a low fog. Not entirely unusual for the time of year, or the location of the house, but this fog was different. It brought a sense of unease to the normally warm home. It was enough to send a shiver down Kam’s spine. She knew there was something amiss. Things were not well. She could see on the horizon the shift in the clouds, the change of smells in the air, the wind was cold. There was something wrong. Something so very wrong. Though, no word had been sent to her. She’d heard nothing about any trouble. Perhaps it was all in her head. She was imagining things. But the feeling… she couldn’t shake it.

She wouldn’t tell her mother of her feelings. Kam knew it would only make her worry. That was the last thing her mother needed right now. The letter Kam had sent had upset her mother greatly. Not wanting Kam to travel north, her mother hoped to change Kam’s mind before she left to return to her own home. Kam’s mind was made up. Not only did she want to go… she had to. Orders were orders and she wasn’t going to disobey. The price for such a thing was high. Kam was already treading lightly around her superiors. Deciding not to follow through with orders would only prove worse for her current state of insubordination.

Kamillia rubbed at her eyes, trying to rub the sleep away from them. Sleep? That was something she had little of in the past few days. Her mother had even asked about it; having heard Kam walk about the house in the dead of night. Why she was so restless was beyond Kam’s comprehension. She felt uneasy, bothered. She couldn’t find rest no matter how she tried. Perhaps she was homesick. Perhaps she missed Dredin. Of course she missed him. He was everything to her now. She gave up friends, well… a friend, for him. In her mind it was all worth it. She was no stranger to sacrifice. It did not bother her. She had thought it might, but… somehow, she had almost forgotten about the whole ordeal. It all seemed so far away now. But, maybe it did bother her. On some level of her mind. It ate at her. Slowly, day by day. Knowing that she walked away from them all, she walked away from him again, with out a second glance. They must all think so little of her now. Was it this thought that kept her awake? Perhaps.

Things raced through her mind, washing over her like a strong tide, weighing her down, pulling at her as the undertoe threatened to pull her under and out to sea. She longed for a time, a day, when all these worries would disappear, when the world would finally know a peace. That is why she was going north. That idea, that hope, is what pushed her forward. Everything she does is for them… her mother, her love, her friends. They were why she continued doing what she did; fighting.  She would fight until her last breath.

Finally taking a deep breath, she turned back to her bed and stared at it. No, there would be no sleep for her tonight. Another sleepless night. Kam pulled her hair from her face and left her room, heading down the stairs for some tea. Maybe the tea would help… she doubted it.