Champion of the Argent Dawn

January 10, 2009

Kam left the Chapel with a polite nod to Lord Tyrosus. She turned on her heels and walked out. Her emerald eyes gazed out at the barren land before her. All the land… bare and diseased. She was a champion. But a champion of what? Of this land? A land that used to be her home. A land thatĀ slipped away from theĀ place in her heart.

“On this day, you have become a champion. A great hero for our cause. You should be proud of the work you have done. With out you, and the many others that had lent their aid, this land would be lost forever; this battle would be hopeless. Light bless you, Kamillia. Light bless you always.”

“Thank you, Lord Tyrosus. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work under your command.”

She was at least partially being truthful. Yes, she did enjoy working for the Argent Dawn and the Crusade in Northrend. But she questioned the reason behind the cause. Was what they fought for worth saving?

In her mind, no it wasn’t, but in her heart is was. It was worth everything even until her dying breath. It was all worth it, and then some. The land that was once a prosperous kingdom, now barren and littered with disease stricken animals, blood thirsty scourge.

What had she proved? She proved that she was stubborn, just like the rest. Unable to see that it was a losing battle they fought. They hadn’t made ground in years. And for how long would that continue? Would she always be needed for this futile fight?

What would it mean to stop fighting? To end it all. To finally retire from it all. Would it be something she could do. Could she make herself give it up?

So much coursed through her mind. So much in so little time. It threatened to make her spin. Even with the thoughts of all the ‘what if’s all she could see was this land, and in her hands she held her title; a small silver plaque with her name engraved upon it. It simply said ‘Kamillia the Argent Champion’. As she looked down at it, she could see her reflection and she smiled. Her hair, now long and draping over her shoulders, was a testament to the time she spent in the cause. He hair would be white by the time she stopped fighting at all.

Upon seeing the plaque, her mind was made up. She would continue in her efforts for this, seemingly, lost land. A land that had been lost to time . It was still her home regardless of what it may look like or what creatures it would harbor. She was the champion of this land and she would always fight for it. She would fight until she could do so no longer.