Sword and Board

February 14, 2009

Clashing steel glistened in the canopied jungle. The sun breaking through the thick sky of lush leaves and branches.

“I will not fight you,” came her voice over the song birds.

“Then I’m not leaving,” his voice called out in response to hers.

“You either fight to leave me battered and bruised which will show me that you don’t want me here, or you let me help you.”

He was absolutely relentless. Taunting her into fighting him more and more. Her patience was wearing thin with him.

She sighed heavily. “Vaniel… you are wasting your time.”

“Then prove to me that I am. Prepare yourself!”

He lunged at her and she parried his attack, pushing him back away from her.

“I am finished playing games with you!” She called out to him as she ran towards him with all her might.

It was quick. Over in a matter of moments. Vaniel lay on his back in a small mud puddle, and attempting to catch his breath. Small amounts of blood trickled from his lower lip at the corner and from the temple of his hair line.

“You are good… very good…” He breathed out to her.

She extended her hand to him, offering to aid him in standing. He took it and rose to his feet with a grunt. Vaniel shook his head, mud flying off the short strands of hair that hung about his face. Kam flinched away so as not to be pelted by the mud bath he was giving her.

His words from before were already beginning to sink into her. She knew he was right, but would hate to admit it to him. At least while he was there.

She was hurting. It was so evident. Even to him. Some one she had only just met. How she cursed Mari under her breath. Mari knew her so well, almost as well as Jeryth did. She had sent this man to see Kam. Sending alcohol as a gift. How extremely appropriate. Kam would love nothing more than to drown her sorrow in heavy amounts of booze and tears. Her tears never seemed to dry up. They were always there, just when she thought she was done crying over him. She never wanted to cry over him again. Her mind told her she was being weak by shedding such precious tears for a man that no longer loved her. He would be shedding no tears for her. Why should she for him? But it wasn’t so easy as what her mind told her. Her heart ached and there was little she could do to help that.

Was Vaniel right? Had she really turned her back on her people? Was her way of healing the wrong way completely? All his words… they soaked into her like rain parched ground. He could see her healing. He could see what was missing in her. He knew, yet she never said a thing. She never even told Mari. Unless Mari heard some how. That much she would not rule out completely.

Kam pushed Vaniel away like she had done to everyone else. Everyone was left in the dark about everything that had happened. But no more… it was enough. She had enough.


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