April 24, 2009

They are coming for you…

No… who? What are you talking about?

Give into your fear…

I am not afraid of you.

Kill them all… before they kill you…

What? Who? Who is going to kill me? What are you talking about?

They have turned against you… now, take your revenge…

My… revenge… they have hurt me. All of them.

Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends…

Friends? What friends? They have been using me. All of them. Using me for their own gain.

There is no escape… not in this life… not in the next…

No escape… no escape.

You are a pawn of forces unseen…

A pawn. Yes. I am not my own master.

It was your fault…

It was. They all died because of me. I have nothing left.

Suddenly a tight grip was felt on her shoulder and shook her softly.

“Are you ready to continue, Kam?” asked Cymrick, his eyes filled with worry as he looked at her.

“Huh?” Looking past him, she saw the staring eyes of her comrades who watched her curiously. “Oh… yes… I am ready.”

She rose to her feet, gathered her things and continued with the others deeper into the Titan city.


Run! Run away! He is coming! Run faster! No!

Long tentacles of the monster reached out to grab at her ankle and pulled her away from the grabbing hands of her allies who desperately tried to hold on to her.

She was flung high into the air. She fell and fell. Fell right into the gaping maw of the enemy. She screamed as she fell into his awaiting jaws.


All she saw was darkness. Her eyes saw nothing. Her hands reached to her eyes, and she felt… nothing. They were but empty holes in her skull. The soft round globes that were once her emerald colored eyes were no longer in their place. She opened her mouth to scream as she discovered her face with out eyes, but open her mouth was all she could do. No sound came from her throat. Her hands wrapped about her neck as she gasped for air and found there was no air to breathe. Gasping. Gasping for air. There was no air to fill her collapsing lungs.

She was dying, and it was slow… agonizingly slow.

Try and try she did to scream and still no sounds came out. The room, the space around her tightened its hold on her. It began to squeeze. To constrict her body, and contort it.


A bone.


Another… SNAP SNAP SNAP… more and more began to break under the intense pressure. Her body now that of pudding and the walls continued to close about her.

Scream as she might… it did nothing…



Kam sat up in her bed and let out a tremendous scream. The scream was quickly cut short by a sharp pressure in her head. So intense was the pain that it sent her flailing back on to her bed. Beads of sweat began to gather on her forehead as she gripped her head and writhed about. Without warning, her eyes slid into the back of her head and she slipped into unconsciousness.

An act of impulse

April 22, 2009

Her feet lead her down the cobblestone walkway of the city of Stormwind. She walked even though her feet ached. It was something she was accustomed to. Her boots were beginning to lose their comfortable padding. An hour had passed and she finally came to rest against a wall.

She rested the back of her head against the stone wall and felt the bump of hair that was pulled back to the crown of her head. Reaching up, she pulled out the tie to let her now long lock fall about her shoulders. A small shake of her head sent the hair flying about in all directions. It felt strange to her to have such long hair after having it kept so short for so many years. With her hair hanging in front of her eyes she turned her gaze to the left to spy the Goblin Barber shop that had its front door wide open and waiting for customers. Suddenly the strangest thought came into her mind and her feet moved her over to the front of the shop to walk past the doorway.

One hour and thirty minutes later the once long ruddy locks of Kamillia were now still long and… blond. The Goblins had taken what alchemical knowledge they had and made her hair the lighter shade it was now. It looked strange to her eyes. All those long years with her bright red hair and now she was nearly the same color her brother’s once was. She stared at herself in the mirror in front of her. Her eyes could hardly recognize the woman in the image before her.

“So? Whaddya think?” asked the small female Goblin.

She was so dumbfounded that she could hardly find the words to say thank you. A nod of her head was all she managed.

The Goblin rolled her eyes and held out her hand to Kam. “That’ll be five and half gold. That’s not with a tip included either.”

Kam handed over the money without a word to the female Goblin. She walked out the of the Barber shop with her new hair that was loosely tied back at the base of her neck. Kam played idly with the loose strands as she made her way down the walkway of the Stormwind Canals. Now the thought of what others might think of her new hair came flooding into her mind, and something else flooded her senses as well as a firm breeze swept around her. What was that smell? It was her hair. From the process that the Goblins used to adjust her hair color came a rather unpleasant smell to her hair. Her hair had always smelled clean and almost floral in the past. This was so abrasive. She only hoped no one else could smell it. She’d be wrong with that assumption.


April 7, 2009

Her last memory of him was his scowled face as he sat on his steed before her, yelling down at her and pointing the finger of blame. Now he was gone and all she had as a last thought of him was his saddened, disappointed face as he continued to point out her faults. As if she did not already know all that she had done wrong.

So much she would never be able to apologize for. All that she had apologized for and he had pushed it away, never accepting it.

Her regret was never being able to make it right, and now any chance she had was gone.