Jeryth Lunamare

June 30, 2009

She calls for him as Ara soars over the icy wasteland. Calling his name. Calling for the only one that matters at that moment.

No sign of him. No trace. Not even to the sharpened eyes of the drake.

Then. Something. Where was it? There? No. Here? Wait… It… THERE!

GO, ARA! Fly! Faster!

Down and down into that gaping hole in the ground. She had been there before. That is where… where it lingers. The heart that no longer beats. That no longer feels. The monster that took that which was most precious to her.

There it is again.

Through the waist deep water. Some of which she had to swim through. Her armor weighing her down, threatening to drown her. Moving as quickly as she could. But that was still not quick enough.

All around her. She could see them. They glared at her from shadows. Faceless Ones. Those of the Old Gods. She can see them. They walk towards her. Towards him.

No! Stay away from him!

She can see him now. There. Near the water. They are moving towards him again.

Leave him alone! Go away! Jeryth! I’m coming! Go away, monsters! Jeryth! Jeryth! Please! Oh Light, please…

There was no light here. Only the sickly glow of ancient plants and ruins that were about in the cave under the Citadel. In this place not even her beloved Light could reach. There would be no hope here. In this place… no such things could reach.

Jeryth… Jeryth, no. No. No.

And there near the water, under the Citadel of the Lich King lay the lifeless body of Kamillia’s dearest friend Jeryth. His hair a mess and pulled across his face. She fell to her kneels, landing on the damp sand. Quickly she took him into her arms.

Kamillia held him in her arms. She cradled him. His body slumps against her. No heart beat, no warmth. Quietly she spoke the words of Resurrection. Again. Again, and again. There was no change. Now she screams at the top of her lungs. She begs the greater powers to restore his soul. But it has been too long. She was too late to save him. No longer would his beautiful azure eyes look out at the world or look into her own eyes and smile.

He would have a hero’s funeral. He would be taken to his family, to his people, to his home. He would be honored as he should be. As the great man he was. The great man he will forever be remembered as. She knew that in some essence he would always live on. That he would be in her heart forever. He would always be in her heart and in her mind, in her memories.

There under the Citadel of her enemy she wept for the loss of her greatest friend. His loss would cripple her. How could she live on with out him? How can one live with out the other half of their heart? The other piece of their soul? She would have to try, but for now… the thought of living with out him was almost too much to bear. To join him. Find him in the afterlife and be with him. Be with him always.

Jeryth Lunamare, was my friend. He was my greatest love. He was my heart and soul. I loved him and I never told him. Now I would never be able to.

Jeryth… may you find the peace you so desperately fought for and the peace you so desperately deserved. I love you.


One heart, One love

June 29, 2009

She clutches the letter in her hands. The paper crumples in her grip and begins to crease. Small tears form on the edges of the paper as her hand still grips the letter tightly.

Her feet somehow take her up the stairs of her home to the place where he once lived. There his bed sat; made and untouched since that morning when he made it up. His things on the nightstands next to the bed. A small box  under the frame protruding out on the floor. Everything the very same way he had left it. The way it would always be for as long as she could keep it this way. Somehow keeping it this way ensured his return, but Kamillia knew better. Never again would his head rest against that pillow.

Suddenly she threw herself on to his bed and buried her face into his pillow. She pulled herself under the covers of his bed, curling into the fabric of the sheets. Inhaling deeply as her placed her face into the pillow, she began to cry. Sobbing into his pillow as his scent filled her nose only made it all that more difficult. In his bed she held on to the last of the memories they shared together.


Hours passed and she had managed to cry herself to sleep. Was Malafir home? She had no idea for she was fast asleep finally and dreaming of other things. Images of him passed through her mind. His smile, his eyes, his hair. The sound of his voice echoing in her ears. The shape of his mouth as he whispered her name.

Watching his mouth, it was suddenly upon her own and she returns the kiss with no hesitation. His large weather-worn hands wander over her small body, taking in each supple curve, and she curls up into his embrace. Their lips dance for sometime before his mouth soon finds her neck. There he kisses and nibbles gently. Expert hands fall up the lines of her body; over her hips, down her back, along the round of her backside. Small yet slightly wide set hips press up against his much larger and taller frame.

In a wash of color then soon were laying on top of white smooth sheets, legs and hands entangled with one another. His head at her chest and moving his mouth over the soft mounds in a gentle caress. Her fingers coming through his long azure hair, nails dragging along his scalp. Twisting and turning, she was straddled on top of him. Her hips sitting just at his, a leg on either side of his body. Deep and shimmering azure eyes gaze up at her smiling and taking in the sight of her naked body before him. A soft Rosy blush came to her cheeks as she watches his eyes move over her form, his hands soon to follow.

Another wash of color in this dream world… he now over her, smiling down at his lover. Her sunkissed face glowed back up at him and held the brightest smiles, one that had been lost for so long from her face. A gasp, a grunt, a moan. The two became one. One body, one mind, one heart, one love. In that moment, in this world of make believe and the surreal, she is happy with him. Happy the way she could have been. A happiness that now she will never know.

The dream world begins to fade, in and out. The scene of the two lovers begins to fade from her mind. The night elf and the human locked in an intimate embrace, locked in her memory, in her dream, forever. To be as one all the rest of their days. In that world they would know forever happiness and love, and be one heart together. Forever.

Only time will tell…

June 29, 2009

The words billowed from her mouth and she regretted them.

The ring slipped onto her finger and knew it was a mistake.

They kissed and she had already come too far to stop it.

It was too late now to turn back. She had stepped off the edge and into the unknown.

Only time would tell now…

Dearest one,

My heart,

To whom I love above all things in this world,

How I long to be in your arms once more. To feel your kiss. Your touch. The sound of your heartbeat. The smell of your hair.

I miss you more and more with each passing day. You leave and you take my heart in your hands. You hold all that I am in your strong hands. The very same hands you wrap about me at night to hold me tightly against you.

Each moment that passes I miss you more and more. I ache when you are far and ache with a deep passion when you are near.

You are all the matters to me in this world. I may not always voice such things, but… I feel it always. I will always love you. Now and forever.


The letter is never addressed nor is it mailed to whom is was intended for.

All in vain

June 22, 2009

Was it all in vain. The good intentions. The apologies.

I did it all wrong. It was all wrong. I never do anything right.

I hate him for being right about me.

He was right, and I hate it.

I hate it.

All of it.

Especially myself.

Above all things… myself.

Everything I did, or tried to do was in vain… all of it.

June 2nd

June 2, 2009

It is nearly summer now. I can feel the air beginning to warm. At least the air around Stormwind. Northrend is always chilled unless you find yourself in more temperate areas of the continent. Even then a cold wind will blow through the land at times. It is a constant reminder of the harsh environment the inhabitants there live in. Mari has mentioned to me several times about possibly building a home there once the war is over. I have encouraged her, but I wonder when the war will ever be over and if it ever truly will.

I digress. I must say though. All in all, things are going well. But… I know it will not be so for very long. I have thoughts that weigh heavily on my mind.

Is my happiness worth the misery of others? Is it truly worth being selfish if doing means I lose my most trusted friends?

I have lost one already in this pursuit of happiness. I am sure to lose several others.

I know I shall lose one, at the very least. That much I wholly certain of. It is wrong of me to stay away from the lounge for this long. He is probably wondering where I have been. Perhaps he has met someone else already. Perhaps it will be easier then. Who am I fooling… nothing about this will be easy. It will break his heart. I should begin to make notches in my bed post for all the men I have broken into tears because of me. I will soon gain a reputation I am sure of it. Perhaps that will make everything easier in the end. Once Malafir grows tired of me I will be left alone. No one would bother with me again.

Kamillia the Heart-breaker. It has a certain ominous ring to it. Far more fitting than my mentor’s given title of The Devout.

I have becom ashamed of myself and my actions. But I did all of this because everyone wanted me to be happy, to be selfish for once, but I doubt they expected me to actually act. But damn it all. I am a woman and I deserve to have a companion who pleases me. I should tell all of them that they are acting like children. I am sure that will be received wonderfully.

Even though I feel terrible for how the others are feeling with this decision I am actually, genuinely, happy. Malafir is a fine man. I just hope that all continues to be as it is now. I pray I do not do something horribly stupid to ruin it. Light help me to keep a level mind and to keep my very large mouth closed.