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August 27, 2009

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August 17th

August 17, 2009

I visited the Lounge this evening. It was quiet. It usually is these days. No one I knew was there. Though that is not surprising. No one ever is. Days feel… lonely as of late. The tournament grounds are always so busy, yet no one takes the time to stop and acknowledge a familiar face. No passing glances or smiles. Only looks of animosity.  Looks of frustration. We are supposed to be uniting for the final march on the Citadel, but it seems these events are drawing us further and further apart.

The Highlord brings the factions together. A mistake… if the King and Hellscream cannot swallow their blood lust for each other then the Lich King has already won this war. I fear the worst is yet to come still. We dauttle with these games. The Highlord choosing from them the best to bring with him on his march to the Citadel. There are many days when I go there for the matches and wonder if I shall be one of those among his chosen few. But those thoughts are quickly quelled when I am knocked from my horse.  They always look so smug. It is infuriating.

I digress…

Alluantha, my step daughter, is growing every single day. Such a lovely child she is. So intelligent, so inquisitive. I pray for her well being every moment I have. I know she is safe with Kali, but a mother will worry regardless. Such a joy in my life she is. I could not ask for anything else, lest I be selfish.

Mari… I finally spoke with Mari tonight. Married. Married she tells me. How lovely… my lack of enthusiasm did not go over well. But married. I have not seen her for practically two weeks and then she just, out of the blue, tells me that she is married. She replaces me then asks me to stand with her when they have their ceremony. What was she thinking? I cannot even think of it all right now.

I truly think I will take holiday in the Moonglade. My dreams are filled with images of the lush valley. It calls to me. I will begin making arrangements to visit the place soon. I know the time away from things will be needed. I will miss my loves though.

As I write on this page I feel my lids begin to fall closed. I shall end this now and find some much needed rest. After tonight, I feel I deserve it and I know I will need all the rest I can find for the coming days.

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August 10, 2009

The writer’s block. It is delicious. Promise to post something soon… ish.