Sun-kissed Awakening

October 28, 2009

Leaning into the high back of the bench, she tilted her face upward towards the sky. The sun’s rays beat down on her face, returning to her features that signature sun-kissed glow that she always seemed to carry. Though while bedridden that glow seemed to fade to a pale shade. Her lips turned upward to smile upon feeling the warmth. With her free hand she brought the blanket that was wrapped about her legs up closer to her middle. It was seemingly a perfect day. The sun was at its brightest, the birds were all chirping, and it was warm for this time of year. It was fall afterall and so the air was beginning to cool. The chill was slight this day however, and Kamillia enjoyed every bit of warmth the fresh day had to offer.

Nearly a month has passed since her incident. Each day she was growing stronger and stronger. Walking more, eating well, the color returning to her face, and her brightness that was always her shining personality began to show as well but there was something hollow about her. Still she remained with out recollection of her life before that ill-fated day. She only knew her name because of the nurses and doctors who were there when she awoke from her deep dreamless sleep. Try as they might, she couldn’t recall a thing. It was as if her mind was made fresh and new again, a blank canvas. They decided to leave her be for now for fear that it could be too much too soon. In time, they thought, she would remember her past, and if she didn’t… well, perhaps that would be for the best.

On this day, Kam sat in the glorious sun to soak in the warmth and comfort of such an activity. They had given her a stack of papers to sort through, however. Perhaps one of these would bring back a spark of something. There on the bench in the middle of Dalaran, near the fountain, she sat and sorted through her mail. Some the envelopes were already opened. The ones that had been responded to by a clerk from the Cathedral. Under the stack of envelopes was a small box with a single simple linen cord tied about it, and a simple note. She read over the note and raises a brow. The message upon it made little sense to her. Why would someone be apologizing? With a shrug of her shoulders she pulled at the string to untie the knot. Within the small box was a single dried red rose. Not just a rose, but a Talandra’s Rose. The very same flower that was at her bedside that day. She’d grown very fond of the bloom and asked for it often. She smiled upon recognizing the flower, and would write to whom had sent it to her to thank them for the lovely gift.

The other letters and missives were just as baffling. No names looking or sounding any more familiar than her own strange name. Gathering all the papers and her blanket, she made her way slowly back to the infirmary. She would be incredibly busy with returning these letters and she best get started on them right away. She had missed far too much and she would not anymore time pass her by.


Starting Over- Part 2

October 22, 2009

She scoots herself to back of her mattress, to lean against the headboard of her hospital bed. A nurse rushes in to aid her in this. The young woman smiles down at Kamillia brightly.

“Oh, miss! We are so glad that you’ve returned to us! All of us were so terribly worried. It’s truly a miracle of the Light.”

Kamillia returns the woman’s smile with one of her own, though there was something lacking from the expression. It was the automatic response for when someone smiles at you. You can never hold back a smile of your own.

The nurse fussed over her for a few more minutes; puffing the pillow, straightening the sheets and the spread, giving her some fresh cool water, and a small vase with a single Talandra’s Rose which was set at her bedside for decoration. Kamillia thanked the woman for all she’d done as the nurse took her leave, drawing the curtain closed behind her. Kam’s attention was quickly drawn to the flower in the vase. It looked so familiar to her. She reached out for it, taking it into her hands. Kam held the small vase for a few moments as she inspected the flower closely as if trying to decipher was it truly was. With a shake of her head, she placed the vase back on the stand and looked to the window again. It had been the one thing that had been her constant companion through this ordeal. She knew it was silly to refer to a window as a companion, but it was in many ways just that. It was always there when she needed it, and it never turned her away.

With a brush of her hand, she pushed away the bedding from her legs. They were healing now, but still they showed the remains of bruises now yellowed and mostly healed. The quickly vanishing bumps and bruises were all that was left of her injuries that she sustained from the battle with the Traitor King. That was long behind her now. More than several weeks had passed since then. Several weeks she lay in slumber, unmoving. And several weeks she sat in this bed bored to no end, and now the urge for her to stand was overwhelming.  Her legs felt strong enough, but she wondered if they would hold her weight. She’d lost countless pound since the battle, her muscle beginning to melt away into soft flesh. She swung her legs off the bed with a bit of effort and let her feet dangle above the floor before she slid to have the bottoms touch the cool tile of her little section of hospital. Slowly and rather unsteadily, she rose to her feet. Her knees buckling once. Catching her balance, she managed to stand straight. Her eyes fixed upon the window as she begins to take small shuffled steps away from the bed.

“Nurse?” She calls out to whoever could hear her.

The same young woman comes rushing into the room with her pleasant smile spread across her face. “Yes, m’lady?… Lady Kamillia! What are you doing? You’re going to fall!” The nurse shrieks out as she rushes to Kamillia’s side.

“No, no. I am fine. Just… help me to the door,” she says she points off away from her small section.

“But why, miss?” Asked the nurse in a concerned tone as they slowly made their way to the door.

“I want to see outside. I’ve missed it for so long.”

Starting Over-Part 1.

October 19, 2009

I saw nothing. Just deep darkness. No hint of light. No spark. There was nothing. Just the darkness. I had no dreams, yet I was asleep. I felt no comfort in this bed, in this room, in this place where I slept. I awake to faces I do not know, to a room I do not recognize.

They shuffle about me in this room. Their faces strained and their clothes of violet and gold wrinkled from nights probably spent here caring for those around me. I move little, I say nothing. They’ve yet to notice me. So busy they seem. My eyes turn to gaze out a far window. I see tall spires and a cool colored sky of blues, yellows, and purples. The clouds pass slowly as the days turns to evenings, and then to early morning dawns. I listen to the sounds of the place I am. I cannot see them as they have drawn the curtains around me. I am closed off from them, and from the others who suffer. I hear them. They cry out for healing, for release from their pain and ache. Such sounds bring small tears to my eyes. How I long to embrace them. To hush them gently. This urge to comfort them builds as does my own frustration when my limbs would not heed my commands to move. So in the bed I lay. confined to being sedentary. I close my eyes to rest.

Again, I sleep and do not dream. I scan my memory for… something. Anything. I find nothing. All I can call upon is what happened the day before, and the one before that. Still I continue my search within me. A name? I cannot recall such, but I see them stop before my curtains. They refer to a Kamillia. Do they speak of me or someone else that bears such a name? Perhaps it is mine. I can only take the word of these people. Who they are, I have no idea, but I know that they will not harm me. If their intention was to do such they would have killed me in my sleep. No, they care for me, and with each passing day I feel the strength of my limbs returning. The soreness of my flesh subsides, and the ease of my rest is a comfort.

I continue to watch out the window at those same clouds in that cool sky. I long to see them beyond the restriction of the glass. To fully appreciate such beauty, one must be immersed in it and I count the hours for when I shall be free from this bed and this ailing body so I might submerge myself in the color of that world. For now I continue to stare out of this window to gaze at the outside world through this temporary veil.

There came a knock at the door. A dwarven messenger tapped his foot on the stone floor of the Explorer’s Hall as he waited for the door to be answered. The door then slowly creaked open on its hinges. A tall woman answered, saying nothing to dwarf, but simply stared at him as she waited for him to explain why he was there.

“Aye…  an urgent letter fer a Lady Ensis an’ an unnamed one only addressed to this residence.” The dwarf held out the letters to the woman who then snatched them from his hands in a rough manner.

She closed the door in his face and turned her back to open the first letter. Her blue eyes scanned the words, and a chuckle billowed up from her throat while she read the words quietly aloud; “Dear Lady Ensis, we regret to inform you… “ Then she tossed that letter aside to open the other one which held no name. This too she read quietly out loud; “To who is may concern, we regret to inform you… “ her eyes still scanning. “Fallen ill? May not recover.”

Folding the letters quickly and stuffing them into a near by drawer she called out into the house. “Alluantha, get your things together. We are going away for the day.”


“But, Miss Kali, I don’t want to go to the orphanage.”

“Quiet, Alluantha. We are going for a visit. Don’t you want more little friends?”

The elven woman, looking much like a high elf with her bronze colored hair and bright blue eyes, held Allu’s hand as they walked quietly and quickly from the Deeprun Tram into the heart of Stormwind.

“Why do we have to visit this one? All my friends are in Shafroof. I don’t know anyone here,” Allu continued to whine as she drug along reluctantly.

“But you will make new ones, little flower. Don’t worry. You shall feel right at home. So much at home that you may not wish to leave.”

Allu giggled at the thought. “You’re so silly, Miss Kali.”

The little draenei girl now skipped along as side her caretaker as they made their way across the city. The thought of making new friends excited her. She didn’t have many her own age, save for the Darcy children and she hadn’t seen them in over a month. A bright smile spread across her innocent face as she thought back on their play date.

“Here we are,” Kali said to Allu as they stopped in front of a large building. The sounds of children permeated the walls to reach the ears of Allu who looked upon the building with wide eyes.

“Now go on. Go make friends. I will return for you shortly,” she elven woman said as she pushed Allu forward almost too roughly.

Allu stumbles as she takes a step, her hoof having caught on the edge of a stone in the street. Upon gathering her balance, she looks for Kali to ask why she was being left, but Kali was nowhere to be seen now. The mysterious woman had merely vanished. With a worried expression and her shyness suddenly overcoming her, Allu stood alone in the street for a brief moment until another little girl about her age wanders over to her.

“Hi,” says the little blonde girl who immediately reminded her so much of Victoria.

“Hi…” replies Allu with a soft little voice, but with her warm smile on her lips.

The little blonde girl reaches out to take Allu’s hand and walks them both back near the Orphanage. During this time of distraction, Kali who was hiding just feet away around the corner of the building walked up to the Orphanage Matron who was over seeing the children playing. The Matron greets Kali, asking if she was interested in Adoption as to the reason she was there.
“No, no. I have come to bring a deposit. That little one there,” she points to Allu who was now fully engrossed in her own conversation with the little blonde girl.

“I have no ties to that child. I was told to simply deliver her here and nothing more. Please note that both of her parents are dead. I have no further details on the matter.”

The Matron listened intently as her gaze occasionally moved to look in Allu’s direction. Giving a nod to Kali, the Matron thanked her and turned back to her task of watching the children. Kali had lied. She lied about one at least, but it mattered little anymore. When Malafir was presumed Missing In Action all ties Kali held to the girl who was his daughter were severed.

As Kalidormi begins to walk away she turns to glance over her shoulder and watches Allu still speaking with the little blonde girl. Suddenly, another little boy walks over to them and begins to chat as well. The boy gives Allu a scrutinizing gaze and then frowns at her. He lets out a boisterous laugh and points at her small horns then her hooves. The boy practically falls over from his uncontrollable laughter. Tears well in the shimmering eyes of Alluantha, which she wipes at her with the back of her hand. She leans to yell at the boy through her sobs. Even now the little girl began to chime in with the little boy to mock and make fun of Allu. As they continued other children  began to gather in a crowd.

“My obligation to you, little one, ended when your father disappeared. Why I stayed as long as I did… I may never know, but here you shall stay until those more suitable find you to be as such as well.”

Mending More than Bones

October 8, 2009

Days have passed since she was brought to Dalaran via gryphon. Nearly a week of time she lay silent in her bed. Busy nurses and other doctors hurried around her, and still no movement. Nothing more than the subtle rising and fall of her chest as she breathed. Occasionally one of the nurses would stop by her bed to look for any improvement or any signs of change, but it was always the same. There on those starched clean sheets, she lay motionless as if in a deep sleep, and in some ways that was exactly what she was doing. Sleeping and dreaming, locked in the haze of dream for an unknown amount of time. No one was sure when she would wake. No amount of healers could give reason or rhyme as to what exactly happened to cause such an event.

Her head wrapped in bandages, her body covered in bruises, she was offered the best of care. All of her wounds had begun to heal well. The scraps and cuts beginning to scab over. The darker bruises beginning to lighten in color. Her face, and joints of her elbows and knees were not nearly as swollen. She was beginning to look like the vibrant young woman she was before all of this had occurred. Though huddled in corners with their eyes to her still form, they spoke in hushed words. They spoke of her chances for a full recovery. The questions hung in the air like a thick blanket. How they all looked at her in sympathy.

Many evenings there would be a priest or a paladin praying near her bedside. They were usually those that she knew from her time spent at the Cathedral in Stormwind. They carried back news of her well being…

“Lady Katherine,” called a young man to the woman.

“Yes, Steven? What is it?” She turned to face him with a light smile that played at the corner of her lips, though it appeared strained.

“I have news of Lady Kamillia.”

“Oh! What have you heard? How is my student? Has she woken?” Her tone oozed hope, as she clutched her hands together in front of her.

“Uhh… She… well… ma’am…” Steven stammered.

Lady Katherine’s smile fell as did her clutched hands. “She is still sleeping then, I take it.” The young man simply nodded and let his head fall to his chest. “I see…” Lady Katherine sighed heavily as she slowly shook her head. “Kamillia… “

She walked out of her study into the main of the hall and tilted her head back. “I pray the light returns you to us, and that you may once again see the light of the sun and feel its warmth upon your face. You are a shining star, and you must continue to shine. Light willing you shall awaken.”

Her impromptu prayer was said aloud with Steven by her side with his eyes closed. There in the middle of the Cathedral they prayed for her and her return. Their words would echo in the halls of the Cathedral for all and anyone passing to hear. All they could do was hope and pray that she would simply open her eyes to the world that was continuing on with out her presence, that she would once again be what she was. They prayed that there was not lasting damage that was not beyond repair.

Into the darkness

October 1, 2009

She turned from side to side. Her comrades were falling one by one. It was too much. He was too strong. The Traitor King laughed at them as many of her allies lay sprawled on the floor near her. She did her best to hold his attention while blocking and dodging each attack he swung at her. Every so often he would finally manage to make contact and hit her, but a nearby healer ally was ready with a healing spell to bring her vitality back.

As long as her allies were still standing they could beat him down. They could weaken him enough to triumph. But… It was not working. The only ones to weaken were herself and her allies. Those she all knew by name and face. Sweat fell into her eyes causing them to sting and blur her vision.

“Kam! Get out of there!” Called a voice to her. Which of her friends it was, she could not tell. The noise of the battle was enough to deafen her.

She gave a nod to the large Nerubian, and turned her back to him. He swiped at her upon seeing a chance to attack at her vulnerable back, but Kam managed to duck out of his large claw just in time. She toppled to the ground face first. Looking up from her place on the ground, she saw all her friends watching her in horror. They looked to Kam for their next plan of attack. Looming over her, the Nerubian roared in laughter at his victory over the band of foolish challengers to his power.

“Retreat! Everyone out!”  Kam called out to them as she tried to work herself to her feet, though even such a small movement was difficult. She was tired, beaten, and it was beginning to show.

With hesitation written over their faces, they began to walk slowly backwards out of the cavern. That walk turned into a jog then to a full run as the cavern began to give away over their heads. Small bits of rubble fell around their feet and around Kam, even hitting her a few times as she still did her best to gather herself up to her feet. Just then a large claw came down to land in the ground near her head. Mere inches away. She could almost see the hairs the claw managed to pull out from her head still attacked to the mandible. Rolling over to her back, she stares up at the Nerubian with his other claw held high ready to strike at her. As the claw comes down to strike at her and possibly finish her, she rolls out of the way. Her allies watch in horror, unable to help her. One of the other paladins began to run out to aid her. Several of them grabbed at him, but he simply shrugged them off and dashed into the crumbling cavern.

Holy light splashed all around her. The large Nerubian’s arachnid head swung up to peer at the paladin who was sending the healing magics to Kamillia, and with ungodly speed he charged for him. The paladin’s eyes widened as the large monstrosity came for him. Quick to her feet now, desperation pushed her adrenaline, and with a flick of her wrist she sent her holy shield flying to the back to the Nerubian which hit him squarely between the shoulders. Kamillia grinned as she watched him whirl to look at her, leaving her paladin friend alone for the time being. One of the others grabbed him and drug him back to the group who was now looking for a way out. The Nerubian let out a shriek and turned his anger to Kam. She stood there before him with nothing but her bare hands; shield tossed away and her weapon was broken to pieces on the floor of the cavern somewhere, she had lost track of it. Her face covered with dirt, sweat, and blood that was not all her own. A devious smirk spread across her lips as she watched him charge for her now, his attention fully away from the others. Her plan of distraction had worked. The Nerubian lord came racing towards her with intent to end her life, but that day would not be today, and lunged an attack. With the quickness of a feline, she dove under his large spider-like legs and rolled under him to come out behind him and well out of harms way from his large mandibles. Scrambling to her feet, her boots slipping on the frozen ground, she began to make her way towards her group. All the while the large cavern their battle had been taking place was crumbling.

Already her allies were leaving through a mage portal that led to safety, to Dalaran. Just a handful remained to wait for Kamillia. They hurried her, their hands waving her over to them as they stood waiting.

“Come on, Kam! We have to go!”

Her tired legs buckled under her as she ran. She could hear the traitor king behind her. How close he was to her, she had no idea, but she could not afford to falter now. Kam pushed onward and ran as quickly as her legs would carry her. She was so close now. She could see her allies well now. Reaching her hand out to one of her allies as the young mage reached back to Kam… all went dark.