Into the darkness

October 1, 2009

She turned from side to side. Her comrades were falling one by one. It was too much. He was too strong. The Traitor King laughed at them as many of her allies lay sprawled on the floor near her. She did her best to hold his attention while blocking and dodging each attack he swung at her. Every so often he would finally manage to make contact and hit her, but a nearby healer ally was ready with a healing spell to bring her vitality back.

As long as her allies were still standing they could beat him down. They could weaken him enough to triumph. But… It was not working. The only ones to weaken were herself and her allies. Those she all knew by name and face. Sweat fell into her eyes causing them to sting and blur her vision.

“Kam! Get out of there!” Called a voice to her. Which of her friends it was, she could not tell. The noise of the battle was enough to deafen her.

She gave a nod to the large Nerubian, and turned her back to him. He swiped at her upon seeing a chance to attack at her vulnerable back, but Kam managed to duck out of his large claw just in time. She toppled to the ground face first. Looking up from her place on the ground, she saw all her friends watching her in horror. They looked to Kam for their next plan of attack. Looming over her, the Nerubian roared in laughter at his victory over the band of foolish challengers to his power.

“Retreat! Everyone out!”  Kam called out to them as she tried to work herself to her feet, though even such a small movement was difficult. She was tired, beaten, and it was beginning to show.

With hesitation written over their faces, they began to walk slowly backwards out of the cavern. That walk turned into a jog then to a full run as the cavern began to give away over their heads. Small bits of rubble fell around their feet and around Kam, even hitting her a few times as she still did her best to gather herself up to her feet. Just then a large claw came down to land in the ground near her head. Mere inches away. She could almost see the hairs the claw managed to pull out from her head still attacked to the mandible. Rolling over to her back, she stares up at the Nerubian with his other claw held high ready to strike at her. As the claw comes down to strike at her and possibly finish her, she rolls out of the way. Her allies watch in horror, unable to help her. One of the other paladins began to run out to aid her. Several of them grabbed at him, but he simply shrugged them off and dashed into the crumbling cavern.

Holy light splashed all around her. The large Nerubian’s arachnid head swung up to peer at the paladin who was sending the healing magics to Kamillia, and with ungodly speed he charged for him. The paladin’s eyes widened as the large monstrosity came for him. Quick to her feet now, desperation pushed her adrenaline, and with a flick of her wrist she sent her holy shield flying to the back to the Nerubian which hit him squarely between the shoulders. Kamillia grinned as she watched him whirl to look at her, leaving her paladin friend alone for the time being. One of the others grabbed him and drug him back to the group who was now looking for a way out. The Nerubian let out a shriek and turned his anger to Kam. She stood there before him with nothing but her bare hands; shield tossed away and her weapon was broken to pieces on the floor of the cavern somewhere, she had lost track of it. Her face covered with dirt, sweat, and blood that was not all her own. A devious smirk spread across her lips as she watched him charge for her now, his attention fully away from the others. Her plan of distraction had worked. The Nerubian lord came racing towards her with intent to end her life, but that day would not be today, and lunged an attack. With the quickness of a feline, she dove under his large spider-like legs and rolled under him to come out behind him and well out of harms way from his large mandibles. Scrambling to her feet, her boots slipping on the frozen ground, she began to make her way towards her group. All the while the large cavern their battle had been taking place was crumbling.

Already her allies were leaving through a mage portal that led to safety, to Dalaran. Just a handful remained to wait for Kamillia. They hurried her, their hands waving her over to them as they stood waiting.

“Come on, Kam! We have to go!”

Her tired legs buckled under her as she ran. She could hear the traitor king behind her. How close he was to her, she had no idea, but she could not afford to falter now. Kam pushed onward and ran as quickly as her legs would carry her. She was so close now. She could see her allies well now. Reaching her hand out to one of her allies as the young mage reached back to Kam… all went dark.


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