Mending More than Bones

October 8, 2009

Days have passed since she was brought to Dalaran via gryphon. Nearly a week of time she lay silent in her bed. Busy nurses and other doctors hurried around her, and still no movement. Nothing more than the subtle rising and fall of her chest as she breathed. Occasionally one of the nurses would stop by her bed to look for any improvement or any signs of change, but it was always the same. There on those starched clean sheets, she lay motionless as if in a deep sleep, and in some ways that was exactly what she was doing. Sleeping and dreaming, locked in the haze of dream for an unknown amount of time. No one was sure when she would wake. No amount of healers could give reason or rhyme as to what exactly happened to cause such an event.

Her head wrapped in bandages, her body covered in bruises, she was offered the best of care. All of her wounds had begun to heal well. The scraps and cuts beginning to scab over. The darker bruises beginning to lighten in color. Her face, and joints of her elbows and knees were not nearly as swollen. She was beginning to look like the vibrant young woman she was before all of this had occurred. Though huddled in corners with their eyes to her still form, they spoke in hushed words. They spoke of her chances for a full recovery. The questions hung in the air like a thick blanket. How they all looked at her in sympathy.

Many evenings there would be a priest or a paladin praying near her bedside. They were usually those that she knew from her time spent at the Cathedral in Stormwind. They carried back news of her well being…

“Lady Katherine,” called a young man to the woman.

“Yes, Steven? What is it?” She turned to face him with a light smile that played at the corner of her lips, though it appeared strained.

“I have news of Lady Kamillia.”

“Oh! What have you heard? How is my student? Has she woken?” Her tone oozed hope, as she clutched her hands together in front of her.

“Uhh… She… well… ma’am…” Steven stammered.

Lady Katherine’s smile fell as did her clutched hands. “She is still sleeping then, I take it.” The young man simply nodded and let his head fall to his chest. “I see…” Lady Katherine sighed heavily as she slowly shook her head. “Kamillia… “

She walked out of her study into the main of the hall and tilted her head back. “I pray the light returns you to us, and that you may once again see the light of the sun and feel its warmth upon your face. You are a shining star, and you must continue to shine. Light willing you shall awaken.”

Her impromptu prayer was said aloud with Steven by her side with his eyes closed. There in the middle of the Cathedral they prayed for her and her return. Their words would echo in the halls of the Cathedral for all and anyone passing to hear. All they could do was hope and pray that she would simply open her eyes to the world that was continuing on with out her presence, that she would once again be what she was. They prayed that there was not lasting damage that was not beyond repair.


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