Once known, Twice forgotten

October 8, 2009

There came a knock at the door. A dwarven messenger tapped his foot on the stone floor of the Explorer’s Hall as he waited for the door to be answered. The door then slowly creaked open on its hinges. A tall woman answered, saying nothing to dwarf, but simply stared at him as she waited for him to explain why he was there.

“Aye…  an urgent letter fer a Lady Ensis an’ an unnamed one only addressed to this residence.” The dwarf held out the letters to the woman who then snatched them from his hands in a rough manner.

She closed the door in his face and turned her back to open the first letter. Her blue eyes scanned the words, and a chuckle billowed up from her throat while she read the words quietly aloud; “Dear Lady Ensis, we regret to inform you… “ Then she tossed that letter aside to open the other one which held no name. This too she read quietly out loud; “To who is may concern, we regret to inform you… “ her eyes still scanning. “Fallen ill? May not recover.”

Folding the letters quickly and stuffing them into a near by drawer she called out into the house. “Alluantha, get your things together. We are going away for the day.”


“But, Miss Kali, I don’t want to go to the orphanage.”

“Quiet, Alluantha. We are going for a visit. Don’t you want more little friends?”

The elven woman, looking much like a high elf with her bronze colored hair and bright blue eyes, held Allu’s hand as they walked quietly and quickly from the Deeprun Tram into the heart of Stormwind.

“Why do we have to visit this one? All my friends are in Shafroof. I don’t know anyone here,” Allu continued to whine as she drug along reluctantly.

“But you will make new ones, little flower. Don’t worry. You shall feel right at home. So much at home that you may not wish to leave.”

Allu giggled at the thought. “You’re so silly, Miss Kali.”

The little draenei girl now skipped along as side her caretaker as they made their way across the city. The thought of making new friends excited her. She didn’t have many her own age, save for the Darcy children and she hadn’t seen them in over a month. A bright smile spread across her innocent face as she thought back on their play date.

“Here we are,” Kali said to Allu as they stopped in front of a large building. The sounds of children permeated the walls to reach the ears of Allu who looked upon the building with wide eyes.

“Now go on. Go make friends. I will return for you shortly,” she elven woman said as she pushed Allu forward almost too roughly.

Allu stumbles as she takes a step, her hoof having caught on the edge of a stone in the street. Upon gathering her balance, she looks for Kali to ask why she was being left, but Kali was nowhere to be seen now. The mysterious woman had merely vanished. With a worried expression and her shyness suddenly overcoming her, Allu stood alone in the street for a brief moment until another little girl about her age wanders over to her.

“Hi,” says the little blonde girl who immediately reminded her so much of Victoria.

“Hi…” replies Allu with a soft little voice, but with her warm smile on her lips.

The little blonde girl reaches out to take Allu’s hand and walks them both back near the Orphanage. During this time of distraction, Kali who was hiding just feet away around the corner of the building walked up to the Orphanage Matron who was over seeing the children playing. The Matron greets Kali, asking if she was interested in Adoption as to the reason she was there.
“No, no. I have come to bring a deposit. That little one there,” she points to Allu who was now fully engrossed in her own conversation with the little blonde girl.

“I have no ties to that child. I was told to simply deliver her here and nothing more. Please note that both of her parents are dead. I have no further details on the matter.”

The Matron listened intently as her gaze occasionally moved to look in Allu’s direction. Giving a nod to Kali, the Matron thanked her and turned back to her task of watching the children. Kali had lied. She lied about one at least, but it mattered little anymore. When Malafir was presumed Missing In Action all ties Kali held to the girl who was his daughter were severed.

As Kalidormi begins to walk away she turns to glance over her shoulder and watches Allu still speaking with the little blonde girl. Suddenly, another little boy walks over to them and begins to chat as well. The boy gives Allu a scrutinizing gaze and then frowns at her. He lets out a boisterous laugh and points at her small horns then her hooves. The boy practically falls over from his uncontrollable laughter. Tears well in the shimmering eyes of Alluantha, which she wipes at her with the back of her hand. She leans to yell at the boy through her sobs. Even now the little girl began to chime in with the little boy to mock and make fun of Allu. As they continued other children  began to gather in a crowd.

“My obligation to you, little one, ended when your father disappeared. Why I stayed as long as I did… I may never know, but here you shall stay until those more suitable find you to be as such as well.”


One Response to “Once known, Twice forgotten”

  1. Why is she so mean to the little guy who brought her the letter. And it sounds as though she is in a rush to go out that day.


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