Starting Over- Part 2

October 22, 2009

She scoots herself to back of her mattress, to lean against the headboard of her hospital bed. A nurse rushes in to aid her in this. The young woman smiles down at Kamillia brightly.

“Oh, miss! We are so glad that you’ve returned to us! All of us were so terribly worried. It’s truly a miracle of the Light.”

Kamillia returns the woman’s smile with one of her own, though there was something lacking from the expression. It was the automatic response for when someone smiles at you. You can never hold back a smile of your own.

The nurse fussed over her for a few more minutes; puffing the pillow, straightening the sheets and the spread, giving her some fresh cool water, and a small vase with a single Talandra’s Rose which was set at her bedside for decoration. Kamillia thanked the woman for all she’d done as the nurse took her leave, drawing the curtain closed behind her. Kam’s attention was quickly drawn to the flower in the vase. It looked so familiar to her. She reached out for it, taking it into her hands. Kam held the small vase for a few moments as she inspected the flower closely as if trying to decipher was it truly was. With a shake of her head, she placed the vase back on the stand and looked to the window again. It had been the one thing that had been her constant companion through this ordeal. She knew it was silly to refer to a window as a companion, but it was in many ways just that. It was always there when she needed it, and it never turned her away.

With a brush of her hand, she pushed away the bedding from her legs. They were healing now, but still they showed the remains of bruises now yellowed and mostly healed. The quickly vanishing bumps and bruises were all that was left of her injuries that she sustained from the battle with the Traitor King. That was long behind her now. More than several weeks had passed since then. Several weeks she lay in slumber, unmoving. And several weeks she sat in this bed bored to no end, and now the urge for her to stand was overwhelming.  Her legs felt strong enough, but she wondered if they would hold her weight. She’d lost countless pound since the battle, her muscle beginning to melt away into soft flesh. She swung her legs off the bed with a bit of effort and let her feet dangle above the floor before she slid to have the bottoms touch the cool tile of her little section of hospital. Slowly and rather unsteadily, she rose to her feet. Her knees buckling once. Catching her balance, she managed to stand straight. Her eyes fixed upon the window as she begins to take small shuffled steps away from the bed.

“Nurse?” She calls out to whoever could hear her.

The same young woman comes rushing into the room with her pleasant smile spread across her face. “Yes, m’lady?… Lady Kamillia! What are you doing? You’re going to fall!” The nurse shrieks out as she rushes to Kamillia’s side.

“No, no. I am fine. Just… help me to the door,” she says she points off away from her small section.

“But why, miss?” Asked the nurse in a concerned tone as they slowly made their way to the door.

“I want to see outside. I’ve missed it for so long.”


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