Sun-kissed Awakening

October 28, 2009

Leaning into the high back of the bench, she tilted her face upward towards the sky. The sun’s rays beat down on her face, returning to her features that signature sun-kissed glow that she always seemed to carry. Though while bedridden that glow seemed to fade to a pale shade. Her lips turned upward to smile upon feeling the warmth. With her free hand she brought the blanket that was wrapped about her legs up closer to her middle. It was seemingly a perfect day. The sun was at its brightest, the birds were all chirping, and it was warm for this time of year. It was fall afterall and so the air was beginning to cool. The chill was slight this day however, and Kamillia enjoyed every bit of warmth the fresh day had to offer.

Nearly a month has passed since her incident. Each day she was growing stronger and stronger. Walking more, eating well, the color returning to her face, and her brightness that was always her shining personality began to show as well but there was something hollow about her. Still she remained with out recollection of her life before that ill-fated day. She only knew her name because of the nurses and doctors who were there when she awoke from her deep dreamless sleep. Try as they might, she couldn’t recall a thing. It was as if her mind was made fresh and new again, a blank canvas. They decided to leave her be for now for fear that it could be too much too soon. In time, they thought, she would remember her past, and if she didn’t… well, perhaps that would be for the best.

On this day, Kam sat in the glorious sun to soak in the warmth and comfort of such an activity. They had given her a stack of papers to sort through, however. Perhaps one of these would bring back a spark of something. There on the bench in the middle of Dalaran, near the fountain, she sat and sorted through her mail. Some the envelopes were already opened. The ones that had been responded to by a clerk from the Cathedral. Under the stack of envelopes was a small box with a single simple linen cord tied about it, and a simple note. She read over the note and raises a brow. The message upon it made little sense to her. Why would someone be apologizing? With a shrug of her shoulders she pulled at the string to untie the knot. Within the small box was a single dried red rose. Not just a rose, but a Talandra’s Rose. The very same flower that was at her bedside that day. She’d grown very fond of the bloom and asked for it often. She smiled upon recognizing the flower, and would write to whom had sent it to her to thank them for the lovely gift.

The other letters and missives were just as baffling. No names looking or sounding any more familiar than her own strange name. Gathering all the papers and her blanket, she made her way slowly back to the infirmary. She would be incredibly busy with returning these letters and she best get started on them right away. She had missed far too much and she would not anymore time pass her by.


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