August 30th

August 31, 2011

Many months have passed since The Destroyer came through our city, demolishing nearly half of it in his wake. We hardly slept for weeks afterwards. To this day, nothing has been the same. Over the city seems to hang a cloud of despair. One that looms heavily over every one of the citizens. It weighs heavily on each of our hearts.

Though even in these very dark and dismal times seems to shine a ray of hope for better days to come. In the darkness there is always light. I have found my own light.

He gives me hope. He brings me peace. A single shining light in what I thought would always be a grey world for me.

I had given up hope that such things were possible for me. My past experiences with… love… Well, the earlier entries of this journal speak enough of those trials. But, I had given up hope. I was content to continue my work with the Order. I had even briefly considered retirement, but I knew I would never be happy unless I was still involved. I could have lived a mediocre existence with out love. It was not something I was particularly striving to find. During that time, it found me.

Older and wiser. He has seen much in his day. His grey-blue eyes tell the stories of his life, but he does that well enough on his own. How I enjoy hearing him recall the days of his youth over morning tea. We sit each morning together speaking of our pasts, our present endeavors, and what may lie ahead for us in the future. We are hardly with out things to speak of. Life has become so pleasant since he has entered it. I believe he feels the same.

I have found happiness. I pray it does not slip through my fingers as it has before.